This woman's Photoshop skills are better than Xiaxue's

Local celebrity blogger Xiaxue is known for being highly skilled in Photoshop -- a fact that she is very proud of.

Like many social media personalities, she often shares selfies online. However, what sets her apart from everyone else is how she does not hide the fact that her photos have gone through meticulous editing.

But it looks like Singapore's blogger queen, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, might have just found her match in Weibo user @kanahoooo.

Before-and-after photos showing Photoshop transformations that various people went through, courtesy of @kanahoooo, have gone viral online.

The images were also shared by Xiaxue, who wrote, "This person's photoshop skills better than mine. I concede."

Dubbed by numerous websites as "Weibo's Photoshop Hero", @kanahoooo currently has a whopping 2,150,302 fans on the social networking platform.