This woman singing at Tanjong Pagar Plaza deserves to be noticed

Submitted by Stomper June

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Here is one reason to never judge a book by its cover.

A passer-by was surprised to find a woman singing a song originally recorded by a male singer outside Tanjong Pagar Plaza and promptly posted it on Instagram Stories.

Stomper June shared with Stomp a recording of the videos posted by the person whom she follows.

In the video, the woman is accompanied by another lady while a third woman plays the keyboard.

The Instagram user wrote that the woman "needs to be noticed".

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Her caption read: "Heard this from far and thought which handsome guy singing and then I rushed over.

"Found this and was in deep shock."

June told Stomp she was just as impressed.

"It's shocking that this woman can sing like a man," she said.

"Can't deny that her male singing voice sounds not bad either."