This is what happens to Beach Rd resident's floor after downstairs neighbour buys new air-con

Submitted by Stomper Wenhao

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Imagine having your bedroom floor converted to what feels like an ice-skating rink.

That is how Stomper Wenhao describes how his floor has been like for the past few days allegedly due to his neighbours in the unit below him "blasting their air-con" all day.

The resident of Block 6 Beach Road told Stomp that he is facing a "very depressing problem".

"It all happened on Thursday (May 31) evening when I came back from work at about 6.45pm," said Wenhao.

He said that his mother informed him that there was water on his bedroom floor.

"I was shocked to hear that and took a look at my room and indeed, the corner of my room where my wardrobe is was very very wet," he said.

"When I stepped into my room, the floor was icy cold as opposed to my living room floor which was warm.

Wenhao told Stomp that he believes his downstairs neighbour has been putting their air con on full blast for "24 hours".

"That is why the condensation on my floor happened," he said.

He added that he went down to his neighbour's unit on Sunday (Jun 3) and spoke to them about the situation.

"They told me that they had a new air-con installed a few weeks ago," the Stomper said.

"However, they said that they did not leave it on the whole day.

"I told them to try minimising the use of the air-con and they told me that they would check with the air-con company as well.

"It's just so weird that it can make my floor above theirs so cold.

"Even my sister's room is affected as well."