This kid in China will blow you away with his super-ripped body

The next time you decide to procrastinate and postpone your gym sessions, you should remember the name 'Chen Yi'.

The seven-year-old boy from China has caused quite a buzz online for possessing a body that makes him worthy of a role in the film '300'.

According to Shanghaiist, the boy is currently attending kindergarten. Unlike most or even all of his peers however, Chen has an eight-pack and buldging biceps.

His mother has labelled him an 'athletic prodigy', and said that he can already do one-arm pull-ups when he was two-years-old, reported Sohu.

Now, the muscular boy trains at a gymnastics school under the supervision of professionals.

All his hard work has paid off recently. At a local gymnastics competition, he bagged six gold medals and a silver.

If he carries on with his intense training, we might just see him on bigger stages like the Olympics in future.