This is why you shouldn't cut across multiple lanes

Submitted by Stomper Gil

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A driver who cut across two lanes to allegedly make a U-turn ended up colliding into another car along Gambas Avenue, at about 12.15pm on Thursday (Jul 19).

In a video shared by Stomper Gil, a white car is seen going from the left-most lane to the right-most lane, while cutting across two lanes in the process.

A black car, that was unable to stop in time, is then seen crashing into the white car, causing the latter car to make almost a 360-degree turn.

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Gil said: "Cutting across multiple lanes to make a U-turn is always a bad idea.

"I did not stop because I have a passenger in my car and from what I saw, there wasn't any serious injury.

"I hope this video is able to reach both parties that were involved.

"Hopefully it can assist them in their insurance claims."