This is why you should focus on your food instead of phone when eating

Submitted by Stomper Angela

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The lettuce in Stomper Angela's bak chor mee was so 'fresh' that it came with a mini snail attached to it.

Angela bought the noodles from a stall in Khatib on Monday afternoon (Dec 18), but declined naming it as she did not want to affect its business.

She told Stomp: "When I was about to eat the vegetable, it did not seem fresh so I put it aside on my bowl.

"I then saw this mini bug which was still alive. I placed it on the tray.

"I really lost my appetite after that and didn't finish my noodles.

"Luckily, I wasn't looking at my phone when having the meal and managed to notice the snail.

"I hope that sharing this can alert those who frequently watch things on their handphones when having a meal. Concentrating and checking your food can prevent unpredictable things from happening.

"Hygiene is very important. I hope the stall will not be so careless or give not-fresh vegetables to consumers again."