This is how flyers should be distributed so that they won't stick to windscreens

Submitted by Stomper Eve

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Eve was impressed when she found a flyer tucked under her car's windscreen wipers and enclosed in a ziplock bag at her home carpark in Yishun on Thursday (Oct 11).

She had gone down to her vehicle in the evening to head off somewhere when she found the flyer.

She told Stomp it reminded her of a Stomp article about a man who was frustrated when he found a flyer stuck to his car's windscreen.

Stomper Fed Up was frustrated when he found a flyer stuck to the glass of his car's windscreen on Oct 6.

Being able to relate, she appreciated the business that had the initiative to place flyers in ziplock bags.

"We were frustrated when we found flyers that had gotten wet and stuck to our windscreen as the Stomper experienced recently," she said.

"It happened to us earlier this year and last year as well.

The flyer Stomper Eve found enclosed in a ziplock bag on Oct 11.

"However, this business is smarter and willing to invest in using ziplock bags to prevent the paper from getting wet and sticking to the windscreen."

She joked that the person who distributed these flyers must have read Stomp.

She added: "Too bad I am not into what they were offering. If not, I would definitely support a business like this that uses brains!"