This handsome bus captain's kindness should not go unnoticed

Submitted by Stomper Qeira

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Stomper Qeira was heartened to meet a bus captain who was kind, friendly and paid attention to the safety of his passengers.

She rode on Bus 983, with the licence plate number SMB3117M, on Aug 19 at around 5.30pm. 

Said the Stomper:

"I must compliment this bus driver. He did an act of kindness that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Please let him know that I said 'thank you!'

"He smiled the moment we stepped in. Besides being kind and cautious, he also made sure my children and I had sat down before he drove off (I was carrying my little newborn in a baby carrier).

"In fact, I noticed that he smiled at most of his passengers who boarded the bus.

"Thank you, Mr Bus Driver."