This champion Grab rider Felix wants driver to get him Camel cigarettes on the way

Submitted by Stomper Peter

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Peter was displeased when a Grab rider named Felix asked him to "pick up some Camel cigarettes" before picking him up, at 11.48am on Apr 20.

"What if he's underage?" asked Peter. "Then I would get caught."

"What if he doesn't appear after I've bought it?"

Peter did not accede to the passenger's request in the end.

Peter was also unhappy that the passenger asked this of him because he was a "driver", not a "buyer". 

In all of his years of working as a driver, this was a first for Peter.

"I have driven Grab for a year, and driven a taxi for six years before that, and this is the first time a passenger did this," he said.