This car that Grab driver spent 2 hours to decorate will light up your life -- literally

Submitted by Stomper Joyce

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No passenger can stay gloomy for long when taking a ride on this unique Grab car.

That's because its driver has gone the extra mile to decorate his vehicle and make it stand out.

Stomper Joyce boarded the unique Grab car on Saturday (Jan 12), at around 9.45am.

She and her three children were going from Novena Square to the Whampoa area.

Joyce described her memorable GrabCar experience: "My kids were curious about why there were so many 'cables' on the car's headliner.

"The driver, Mr Clarence, replied that he did it as a Christmas decoration and turned on the fairy lights to show us.

"The moment he turned on the lights, he really put us in a festive mood, especially now that festive occasions tend to heat up slow in Singapore.

"There were also roses adorned along the fairy lights and Mr Clarence said he spent two hours to get everything done up.

"He also told us that he was going to buy a small little lantern as an add-on for Chinese New Year.

"We really hope that we will get another chance to book his Grab car again to see the setup."

Well, it looks like this driver has got Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day all down pat!