Third kitten found dead at same Yishun block

Another kitten was reportedly found dead at Block 671A Yishun Avenue 4, just four days after two other dead kittens were discovered at the same location.

Facebook page Yishun Cat Patrol posted an appeal for witnesses regarding the two kittens on April 16.

In the comments, Facebook user Muhammad Farhan shared he found another kitten with the same fur colour as the other two felines at the same location on Apr 20 at 9.30pm.

"I took it away with me and buried it," he said, and shared photos of the dead kitten.

Stomp earlier reported that the authorities are investigating the matter of the two kittens.

Executive director Dr Jaipal Singh Gill of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said: "It was heartbreaking to hear of the tragic loss of these two young lives."

He also urged any witnesses to step forward so justice can be served.

Following the previous Stomp report, Stomper Lisa shared that two other cat deaths were reported at the same location in January and October of last year.