Think her S-hook video was epic? Wait till you see Lerine flaunting 'big burden' in stretchy top

By now, everyone would is not living in a cave would have heard of Lerine Yeo and her talent when it comes to selling clothes through Facebook Live videos.

Most famed for modelling a $9 'S-hook' shirt and demonstrating its many benefits, the 30-year-old has caught even the attention of celebrities, columnists and commercial brands.

Well, it seems like Lerine has always been a natural, as seen in a Sep 30 video uploaded by Facebook user Sherlyn Ler.

Ler wrote in her caption: "Just before [Lerine] got famous, this was her other crazy idea to show us that the top is stretchable. Can really laugh until cry!"

To prove how 'free size' the $7 item really was, Lerine stuffed various items down her shirt and proudly showed off her enhanced figure.

"You see, you see. Can see bo? Can see and can wear," she is heard saying.

Referring to her new load as 'fu dan' ('burden'), she also joked about 'pang hong' ('releasing air') and added: "I scared later no balance".