These volunteers make the biggest impact through the smallest actions

No deeds are too small when it comes to the needy for this group of volunteers from Be Kind SG, a Singapore voluntary body.

Since its inception on May 25, 2017, the volunteers behind Be Kind SG have organised countless micro-volunteering activities that benefit the less fortunate.

What sets Be Kind SG apart from typical charity bodies is the how achievable the micro-volunteering activities are.

Recruiting members through their website, their numbers have since swelled to 260 members currently, with a core team of eight members

Founder Sherry Soon came across the concept of micro-volunteering last year and was intrigued.

Sherry describes micro-volunteering activities as volunteer work that requires minimal commitment, skills, and training needed to execute.

An active volunteer since her school days, Sherry came to know many friends who were keen on volunteering but could not commit to projects which stretched over a long time.

Moreover, micro-volunteering would help bring awareness to the different ways that people can contribute to make Singapore a happier and kinder place.

Thus, Be Kind SG was formed. 

For Be Kind SG, micro-volunteering activities span from drawing colouring sheets for Orange Valley Nursing Home and Thong Teck Home For Senior Citizens, postcards to Somali refugee children in Malaysia, and even floral arrangement classes for volunteers; the arrangements given to nurses working in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Other notable projects include crafting birthday pop-up cards to patients of Ren Ci Hospital and a collaboration with association for persons with special needs (APSN) to bake cookies for foreign domestic workers.

Be Kind SG also support social enterprises by patronizing their services, such as a recent manicure session at The Nail Social.

When asked whether she felt that micro-volunteering was minor compared to traditional volunteering, Sherry said:

“No, I don’t. I believe that small actions collectively can make a big impact, and there is room for all forms of volunteering.

“With the increased visibility of the communities that we are supporting, we also hope that some of our volunteers will in time, volunteer long-term with then.”

To individuals with a passion to help, but are hesitant to commit their time, Sherry shared her advice:

“We all have the potential to do everyday acts of kindness.

“You can start small with the people around you.

“Can you make cards, or write an encouraging note?

“How about making cards or baking cookies for cleaners around your estate?

“It can be as simple as treating an elderly to a drink, and having a conversation with them.”

Well, the saying goes, an activity speaks a thousand words. 

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself today.


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