There's no taming these 2 shrews fighting at Toa Payoh market

Submitted by Stomper Teck Koon

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Stomper Teck Koon was amused to find two shrews in the midst of an energetic fight at Kim Keat Palm Market and Food Centre in Toa Payoh on Apr 4.

He shared a video of the two mammals hopping and jumping at one another in a fight that is almost dance-like.

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"They are cute but are also pests in the market," said the Stomper.

Often mistaken for rodents, shrews are mole-like small mammals that are harmless to humans and eat insects like cockroaches.

What's the difference between a rat and a shrew? Check out a comparison below.



Classified as rodents

Classified as insectivores

Rounder snout

Sharper and more distinctive snout

Larger eyes

Pointed teeth and tiny eyes that are almost invisible

Have long, sparsely furred tails

Tails are shorter with a bit more fur

Strong sense of smell and exceptional eyesight

Weak sense of smell and vision

Live in communities and band together

Prefer to live alone except during breeding season