The corridor of Block 63 Sims Place is a common area, not your private storeroom!

Submitted by Stomper J

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Stomper J is frustrated with her neighbour for cluttering the corridor on the 10th floor of Block 63 Sims Place with what she thinks were pre-owned items.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that this has been going on for more than one month.

Photos she sent show the corridor lined with items that included a shopping trolley, several plastic and cloth bags, cardboard boxes, as well as a shoe rack.

She said that other articles she has come across include moldy shoes, dirty utensils, and newspapers.

J believes that her neighbour is also hogging items inside the HDB flat. 

She said that he places items inside the unit every night, before locking the door and leaving. She thinks he has not been staying in the flat.

J's family has since been at the receiving end of insect bites, and has purchased items like mosquito repellents and humidifiers to minimise the chances of getting bitten.

Dust from the cluttered items also enter the Stomper's house when the wind blows. As a result, her home has to be cleaned daily.

She hopes something can be done to resolve this issue.