The bird on the train

Submitted by Stomper Jerms

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An unexpected commuter hitched a train ride with other passengers on the East-West Line last Thursday (Oct 29).

Stomper Jerms, who took videos of the incident, said he was on the MRT at City Hall station at around 1pm when he saw the bird.

Jerms recounted: "There was a surprise commuter on the train! Everyone was taken aback and trying to avoid getting hit by the flying bird.

"I wasn't too affected even though I was close to the bird. It was harmless anyway. But many commuters, especially those who were standing, were trying to avoid it.

"The bird eventually flew to another cabin but I’m not sure if it left the train."

Jerms said he is unsure how the bird entered the train.

Definitely not with an EZ-Link card, we suppose.