Thanks to Volvo driver who gave us a ride to MRT station when we were caught in the rain

Submitted by Stomper Tariq

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A few visitors were stranded at Labrador Nature Reserve yesterday afternoon (Sep 17) due to a downpour -- but a kind soul in the form of a female Volvo driver got them out of their predicament.

Stomper Tariq said the driver sent him and two other men, whom he did not know personally, to Labrador Park MRT Station.

According to Tariq, it was past 5pm and he was "desperate" to leave the park.

He told Stomp in a phone interview: "I decided to walk straight to the bus stop. But the problem was, shuttle services had ended, Uber and other taxi services were in high demand so it was really hard to get a ride.

"God bless this Volvo driver who offered us a ride and even drove us to the nearest MRT station."

Tariq also said the Volvo driver had been there to pick up her husband and two sons, but they decided to "walk in the rain" instead so that she could help out the strangers in need.

If you are the driver of Volvo SJY4906K or know her, please contact Stomp at or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9384 3761. We would like to present her with a Stomp Goody Bag.