Thank you, Stomp and couple who found my engagement ring: I never thought I would be reunited with it!

Submitted by Stomper Sophie

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Stomper Sophie, who lost her sparkly engagement ring at 100 AM shopping centre in Tanjong Pagar on Jan 23, has been reunited with the accessory.

In an earlier report, she said that she mostly likely lost the ring at Fitness First, but was unable to find it even after retracing her steps through the gym and the mall.

Stomper Tony came across her appeal for help in locating it and informed Stomp on Jan 24 that he and his companion had passed the item to a security guard at the mall's information counter.

He said he found the ring on the same night that Sophie lost it, in front of MOS Burger.

Stomp then updated Sophie and 100 AM about Tony's discovery, allowing her to retrieve her prized possession the very next day on Jan 25.

Sophie sent Stomp a heartfelt message to express her gratitude today (Feb 8). She said:

"Thanks Stomp!"

"To the kind couple who found my ring: Thank you so much for passing my ring to the 100 AM security! Words cannot describe how grateful I am, thought I was never gonna reunite with my ring again!"