Thank you, kind stranger who left note to warn me about my punctured tyre

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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A potentially catastrophic accident was avoided thanks to a kind note by a helpful passerby who informed Stomper Chris of a punctured tyre on his vehicle. 

The incident happened at Arab Street yesterday (Oct 3).

Chris had parked his car close to the Queen Street Bus Terminal and left.

When he returned later at around 6.15pm, he found a note asking him to check his rear tyre. 

He was shocked when he realised that his left rear tyre had been punctured by a screw, which was still embedded within. 

He said:

“Given the wet weather, it would have been unimaginable if I had driven off normally.”

He called his mechanic and drove slowly to a nearby workshop at Lavender. 

The mechanic also ruled out chances of a foul play and told Chris that the screw had most likely pierced his tyre while he was driving, as the puncture was located deep in the inner side.

Said Chris:

“To the lovely soul who left the note, thank you so much!”

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