Thank you, Grab driver for driving me to a clinic at no extra charge

Submitted by Stomper Li

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There is good service, and there is service that touches the heart.

Stomper Li wants to express her gratitude to a Grab driver who went the extra mile for her when she was not feeling well.

She booked a GrabShare ride yesterday (Oct 11) at around 1pm.

"I was feeling light-headed and had requested to leave my workplace early for home to rest," said the Stomper.

"The driver fetched me with a mere fee of $3 after using the promo code. 

"While I was reaching my place already, I felt really unwell and asked him if I was able to add on another destination where a clinic is but he told me it was not possible.

"However, what touched me was when he asked me where the place was and that he would fetch me there! He did not even know if the clinic was nearby!

"When I offered to rebook, stating that I have a promo code, he declined, adding that I could save the promo code for next time use!

"Before I left the car, he even reminded me to take care and that health is important. 

"Thank you, Grab driver. I really appreciate your kind gesture! You really have a big heart! Stay safe on the roads always! The world would really appreciate more kindly drivers like you!"