Thai woman freaks out after finding 'surprise guest' crashing inside couch

A Thai woman had the scare of her life when she discovered that she had been lying on an uninvited guest in her living room couch: A metre-long cobra.

The incident happened on Wednesday (May 23) at the victim’s home in the province of Phetchaburi, Thailand, reports Sanook via Coconuts Bangkok

The woman, 48-year-old Kalayaporn Kaoplod, said that she had felt something soft at her neck, and moving under the blanket which covered the couch.

Shocked, she stood up and removed the blanket, and to her horror, found a cobra. 

Fortunately, she was not bitten.

The victim and her family then called the Wangpong Ruamchai rescue volunteers, who caught the snake within 20mins, and released it back into the wild.