Thai farmer comes up with ingenious method to solve age-old problem of getting pricked by durians

A Thai durian seller from Por Pala-U Farm at a seaside resort of Hua Hin has come up an ingenious solution to the prickly problem of durians being well… prickly.

The owner of the farm, Siwakapon Rattanarungrueng has been selling this thornless durians for the last five years, reports World of Buzz.

He said:

“Customers come to buy durians and bring them home, but the thorns make their travel a hassle.”

Well, that can be a thorn in their hide, so Siwakapon decided to de-thorn his durians.

One by one, he patiently removes the thorns from the fruits with a knife, spending about five minutes on each durian. 

The humble farmer does not even charge more for the painstaking labour. 

Photos of the bizarre thornless fruits posted onto the farm’s Facebook page have since gone viral with many netizens leaving comments.

A netizen wrote:
“Well, it makes sense and it solves the thorny problem.”

Others are clearly opposed to the idea.

One such netizen wrote:

“You might as well call it a ‘botak-an’ instead of a drain if you’re gonna strip away its identity!”

Well regardless, the next time you’re in Thailand, consider heading down to the farm and judge for yourself.