Terminally ill Chinese PhD student donates organs and head for research to help other patients

A Chinese doctorate student suffering from a terminal condition has agreed to a post-mortem donation of all her organs --- even her head for research purposes. 
The student, Lou Tao, 29, reportedly suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a form of neuron disease which affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

Apparently, Ms Lou had been feeling physically weak since August 2015, reports People’s Daily and World of Buzz

She was later diagnosed with ALS in January 2016.

Despite her condition, Ms Luo refused to give up on her studies and has listened to over 60 audiobooks since her hospitalisation.

Ms Lou a student at the prestigious Peking University, wrote a will which dictated:

“After I’m gone, please leave my head for medical studies.

“I hope future medical treatments would be able to cure those with ALS.

“Please heed my words: As long as they can help to save others, donate all my other organs to patients in need.”

Ms Lou also specified that upon her death, she is to be cremated and her ashes scattered over the Yangtze River. 

Ms Lou’s donation registration papers have been signed by her family members on her behalf on Oct 9, and she has been sleeping under deep sedation ever since. 

Stories of her bravery and selflessness were shared on social media, with many hoping that she would make a miraculous recovery.