Tentage of flea market booth at Waterway Point blown apart by strong winds, goods damaged

Submitted by Stomper Ng, Alan

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Stall vendors of an outdoor bazaar at Waterway Point had their experiences marred due to a downpour that was accompanied by strong winds yesterday afternoon (June 23).

Stomper Ng and Alan were vendors of a booth that sold bags at the week-long Flea-tastic Bazaar, which is being held outside the shopping mall in Punggol until June 26.

However, they have since withdrawn from the event after an unfortunate incident yesterday at around noon.

Ng said, "We were having a Ramadan bazaar here. The heavy rain and strong winds blew our gazebo away."

Alan told Stomp in a phone interview, "The tentage fell apart and its stand was broken. Our goods were also damaged by the tentage falling on them and by the rain."

They also shared photos of the damage that their stall had suffered and expressed disappointment in the 'slow' response from organisers after what happened.