Telegram group shares how to avoid fuel checks at Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints

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A man has alerted Stomp to the presence of a Telegram group that reports whether there are fuel checks at Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints.

The Stomper contributed screenshots of the group called Custom & Msia Road and said: My friend introduced me to this Telegram group about more than a week ago.

"They are trying to help others avoid fuel checks at land checkpoints and flout the 3/4 fuel tank rule."

Upon joining the group, an automated message pops up to inform the new member about certain acronyms that are used.

Acronyms like 'WLFC' and 'TRNFC' are used to share whether there is a fuel check at the particular checkpoint.

'WLFC' stands for Woodlands Left Fuel Check while 'TRNFC' means Tuas Right No Fuel Check.

At the time of writing, 45,850 members have joined the group.

According to the group's description, information on road conditions and currency exchange rates are also available.

But this Stomper came across a message that said: "Hi anyone interested in weed and ecstasy pills pm me."

The Stomper was worried that drivers could smuggle illegal items with the information provided in the group. 

He also suggested that a fuel check be carried out on every vehicle exiting Singapore.

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