Teens too big to be 'climbing all over' preschoolers' playground in Eunos: What if they damage it?

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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Re-living their not-so-long-ago childhood perhaps?

Secondary school students were spotted at a playground meant for kids in the Lifelong Learning Institute at Eunos Road on Friday (Nov 4).

Stomper Lim shared photos of the four male students and one female student wearing the Chung Cheng High School polo shirt hanging out in the play area.

"I spotted these students from a nearby secondary school climbing all over this playground," said the Stomper.

"There is a childcare/preschool inside the Lifelong Learning Institute, and we would see little children playing there every day. This playground is by no means meant for grown-ass teenagers like the ones in these photos.

"They weren't supposed to be playing there, and the way they were playing could potentially damage some of the structures.

"What if the little ones from the preschool come by and get injured because of these teens who damaged the playground?"

The Stomper has something to say to these teens: "Grown-ass secondary school students, you are too old and big for a preschoolers playground.

"Find something your size if you want to hang out. There is a Coexist Coffee Co. cafe in the building if you really want to hang there."