'Teens' smoking and vaping in Sentosa cable car on TikTok identified as 24-year-old men

The two youths smoking and vaping in Sentosa cable car on TikTok have been identified by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) as 24-year-old men and are assisting in investigations.

HSA was alerted to the video on last Sunday (March 19) when it was first reported by Stomp.

Stomper Jenny said: "I saw this on one of the teen's TikTok page. In the video, it can be seen that his friend was vaping while he lit up a cigarette in the cable car."

The original 10-minute video was uploaded on Jan 28 and garnered over 24,000 views, but is no longer available.

HSA said that on Tuesday, it conducted checks at the residences of the man who was vaping in the video and the other man who took the video.

A total of 11 e-vaporisers and 16 related components were discovered in their residences.

HSA said in its statement on Friday: "HSA takes a very serious view of the possession and use of banned e-vaporisers and related items and will take stern actions against any individuals who contravene the law.

"The men had blatantly flouted the law by using an e-vaporiser and flaunted their illegal act in a TikTok video."