It may be the exam period, but is it right for you to hog tables like this?

Submitted by Stomper JT

This story was submitted via Web contribution form.

Stomper JT was among a group of people sending off a friend at Changi Airport Terminal 3 last Friday (Aug 11) when they spotted a table full of unattended belongings at a cafe. 

The group settled down at a table in a Starbucks branch at 9pm after their friend checked in his luggage, and were surprised to find several laptops, notes and personal belongings on the table beside them, unguarded. 

At first, the group thought that the owners were away ordering their drinks, but soon realised that there was no one at the counter.

The friends started chatting among themselves and forgot about the table momentarily.

At around 9.45pm, a group of teenagers walked in and sat down at the table beside them.

According to JT the group smelt of cigarette smoke.

Said JT:
“Words cannot describe how blatantly clueless some of our youth are!

“While there may be surveillance cameras everywhere, and video evidence can be obtained easily in this digital age, anyone could have just grabbed the items and go.

“These teenagers are too complacent and careless."

Stomp also came across a Facebook post on EverydaySG's Facebook page, which showed a girl hogging a table at a MacDonald's restaurant, even writing 'F**k you' on a note to warn other patrons to back off. 

An accompanying caption to the photo read:

"Hogging seats during peak hours at Macdonald's, and sending an empathic message to all of us not to disturb her because she don't give a s**t."

The contributor, Mr Heng, also goes on to explain that he wasn't offended by her seat hogging, but her self-righteous attitude and insensitivity, especially when there were children in the restaurant.  

In light of these cases, is it right for people to hog seats without considering the needs of other patrons? You decide.