Teenagers climb onto rooftop of Sengkang carpark to pose for photos

Submitted by Stomper Zul

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A group of teenagers were spotted climbing onto the rooftop and behaving dangerously at the multi-storey carpark at 432 Sengkang West Way on Oct 14.

In the photos that Stomper Zul sent, the teenagers can be seen climbing onto the railings as well as the rooftop of the garden area near the multi-storey carpark. 

In one of the photos, two of the teens can be spotted standing on the rooftop hugging each other while two other teenagers had their mobile phones out to take pictures of them.

Zul first saw the teenagers at around 1.30pm. He was watching TV when he heard noise coming from outside his flat. He then looked out of the window to see what the commotion was about and saw the teenagers standing on the rooftop.

He told Stomp in a telephone interview, "I shouted at them to come down. My youngest child is only 6 years old. They are setting a bad example for my children."

Stomper Zul added, "After I shouted at them to come down, they went to the carpark area to loiter around for around 30 minutes before heading off."