Teen love ends in bloody mess at Teck Whye after guy gets angry at 14-year-old GF for spending night at another boy's house

Monday, May 30, 2016

Zhang Jin Wei, 19, was angry that his 14-year-old girlfriend had spent the night at the house of another boy, Jiang Ze Xin. A meeting was arranged to settle the dispute.

But Jin Wei ended up being hospitalised after the meeting went awry. A 28-year-old man was also injured in the confrontation.

According to the Shin Min Daily News, Jin Wei met Ze Xin, 18, at a badminton court near Block 115 Teck Whye Lane on Sunday (May 29) evening.

"I wanted to clarify matters but before I could even talk, I was beaten up by Ze Xin and his father," Jin Wei told the Chinese evening daily.

"I am still attached (to the 14-year-old girl). She should not have gone to Ze Xin's house and spend a night there." 

The elder Jiang, who accompanied his son to the meeting, was armed with a bamboo pole which he used to beat Jin Wei and the 28-year-old man, Yang Zi Yi.

Ze Xin's ex-girlfriend, Miss Huang, 19, told Shin Min Daily News that Ze Xin had been cheating on her with the 14-year-old girl.

Before the incident, they had dated for six months. During that time, she got pregnant.

"I initially planned for an abortion, but Ze Xin assured me that he will take responsibility. Our families even met to discuss marriage preparations," Miss Huang told Shin Min Daily News.

"But when I was five-months pregnant, he refused to take responsibility. I later discovered that he cheated on me twice, and one of them is the 14-year-old girl."

The 14-year-old girl was dating both Ze Xin and Jin Wei.

"My 28-year-old friend was at the scene. He thought something was amiss and tried to stop the fight, but Ze Xin and his father mistook him as helping the other party and he was beaten in the process," added Miss Huang in the report.

Yang Zi Yi, 28, who was also hospitalised, told Shin Min Daily News: "I stepped forward to stop the fight.

"Suddenly, the Ze Xin's father commented on my tattoos and started hitting me with a bamboo pole for about three times," the tattoo artist said.

"My nose was bleeding. Even now, I still feel unwell. Both of my elbows and head hurts."

Zi Yi added that he intents to sue Ze Xin.

Neighbours told Shin Min Daily News that Ze Xin's mother called the police after she learnt of the fight involving her husband and son, and the police were on-scene in 15 minutes.

Ze Xin and his father then fled the scene, leaving the bamboo pole on the floor.

Jin Wei was warded in the hospital for one night for his bruised left eye, and received eight stitches to his left eyelid.

An SCDF spokesperson told Shin Min Daily News that two men were sent to the hospital for facial injuries.

The police also confirmed with the Chinese evening daily that an 18-year-old man was arrested on charges of voluntarily causing grievous hurt.