Teen gets shoe stuck in escalator at Seletar Mall while going upstairs

Submitted by Stomper SWJPS

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A teenager was going up an escalator at The Seletar Mall yesterday afternoon (Dec 3) when one of his shoes got caught in a gap.

Stomper SWJPS was at the scene and informed Stomp about the incident which occurred at around 3pm, though she only saw part of the aftermath.

She said: "It's not known how the shoe got stuck but its owner was seen walking away with his sock on his right foot after the security guard was alerted.

"Luckily, the escalator only 'ate' his shoe and not his toes."

The Stomper also advised parents with young children to be more cautious when using escalators as accidents can happen anytime.

In response to queries by Stomp, a spokesperson for The Seletar Mall said the teenager had been going from Level 2 to 3 when one of his sneakers was caught by the escalator.

"As the teenager was standing quite close to the escalator landing on Level 3, he stepped onto the escalator landing quickly and was unhurt," added the spokesperson.

"As part of the safety measures, the escalator stopped automatically.

"The mall’s security officer arrived on site within 5 minutes to render assistance and confirmed that the teenager did not require any medical attention.

"After the incident, the mall’s escalator vendor conducted a thorough check immediately and confirmed that the escalator was in proper working condition."

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