TCM practitioner miraculously fixes boy's bent arm within minutes

A video showing a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner fixing a boy’s badly bent arm has gone viral on Facebook, garnering over 915,000 views to date. 

The video was shared on the Fabrications About The Pap’s Facebook page, in which the practitioner, shown in white, was seen massaging the boy’s arm and pushing the bones back in place.

The process was evidently painful, as the boy was whimpering, and placed his head on another man’s shoulder as the practitioner  grabbed his arm.

However, the treatment was ultimately effective, as his arm looked to be in a much better shape than before.

The boy’s family could also be heard laughing and consoling the boy after teh painful ordeal. 

After the video was posted, many netizens praised the practitioner for his marvellous skills.

Said one Facebook user:

“Excellent TCM doc ya…”

Another user added:

“Is this magic?”

It is unclear when or where the incident took place. 

For sceptics of TCM, maybe it's time to try it out yourself. 

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