Taxi uncle's friendly greeting and helpful nature leaves a lasting impression on family

Unexpected kindness is always unforgettable.

Stomper Anis was pleasantly surprised by an especially warmhearted taxi uncle he met at Tampines Mall's taxi stand on May 28.

He had been on his way home after a day of shopping, when the booked taxi (number SH 7700A) arrived next to his 2 fully loaded NTUC shopping carts.

"I was with my family so I opened the left rear taxi door to allow my kids to board first, but within seconds I could hear a pleasant voice wishing us, 'Welcome on board and good afternoon to you!' and I wished him back."

The taxi driver's friendliness did not stop only at a warm greeting. 

Anis was stunned when the uncle immediately came out of the car and offered to help with loading the goods into the taxi boot. 

"I told him it's ok and we can manage it ourselves, but he instantly told us that he does not mind doing it -- it is only going to lighten our burden and he has a heart, too. We were so touched by his mind blowing words, speechless!"

The trip home was no less impressive. 

"During the journey, we chatted about Singapore and the drastic changes from yesterday's kampong, today's city and tomorrow's phenomenal land. Wow and wow, what a man with a positive mindset."

"Upon arrival, the elderly taxi uncle again off loaded the goods from the taxi boot and also graciously wished my family to have a lovely weekend with a warm handshake.

"Outstanding customer service rendered!"