Taxi uncle so thrilled by $59 fare that he buys lottery: 'First time in 23 years of driving'

Submitted by Stomper Sharan

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Hard work is important, but sometimes luck plays a part too.

Stomper Sharan recently booked a taxi ride to go from Pioneer to the east side of Singapore. His fare was $59 — much to the delight of his cabby.

Sharan shared the warm encounter he had with the ComfortDelGro taxi driver, who looked to be in his 60s, last Tuesday (Apr 18).

He told Stomp: "Taxi uncle said he was shocked to see this fare and was praying to god that I wouldn't cancel the trip. He was very happy and agreed to take a picture. Look at his face and see his excitement.

"He is the sole breadwinner for his family and said he has been driving taxi for the last 23 years, but has never gotten this fare of $59 in his life ever. Hence, he is going to buy lottery of number 5900 for $2 to try his luck.

"The encounter left me feeling very touched. I understand the pain and daily struggle of trying to get a good fare, as well as his perspective of life. I also understand him wanting a daily income to feed himself and his family by driving taxi at this age."