Taxi speeds and cuts across lane at Ang Mo Kio to reach woman standing by roadside

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A taxi was caught on video speeding and cutting across a lane along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 to reach a woman at 8.52pm on Sunday (Sep 9), according to the timestamp in the footage.

In a video taken by a Stomper, a ComfortDelGro Taxi is seen zooming across the traffic junction moments after the traffic lights became in favour of vehicles.

The taxi then cut across a lane to get to where a woman was standing before leaving shortly after.

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The Stomper said: "The taxi driver is so reckless, he was speeding and stopping abruptly.

"I understand that he wanted to get to the [potential] passenger but he should do it properly.

"He was jutting out and taking up more than one lane. I slowed down because I felt like he would collide into my car, judging from the way he was turning out."