Taxi reverses into car -- but passengers defend cabby

A taxi was caught on camera reversing into a stationary car at a traffic light -- but what happened next left netizens wondering if there was more than meets the eye.

According to a timestamp on a video posted on, the incident took place on Nov 17 at around 7.34pm.

However, it is unclear where exactly it occurred.

In the video, the taxi with licence plate number SHD3088L can be seen inexplicably reversing into another car that had stopped behind it.

A caption accompanying the video said: "SHD3088L [has] no good reason to reverse and knock into cam car at a traffic light. Passengers of this taxi came out to defend driver and demanded lady driver for compensation."

Many netizens felt that there were suspicious signs, such as the passengers' over-enthusiasm in seeking 'justice' for the cabby:

Many also urged the car driver to lodge a police report and said it was a good thing there was a dashboard camera that recorded the whole event.

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