Malaysian priest dies from heart attack after getting 'steamed' on coal pile during ritual

A priest died during a ‘steaming’ ritual at a Temple in Perlis, Malaysia, on Monday (Oct 23) at 10.30pm. 

The 70-year-old victim, Lam, was believed to have suffered a fatal heart attack during the ceremony, which required him to be ‘steamed’ alive on a pile of boring coal while being covered by a large metal container. 

Lam had been attempting to break the current record set at 75 minutes. 

As he was approaching the 30-minute mark, he could be heard slamming the metal container from inside.

Lam’s assistants quickly removed the metal cover and found him trembling in shock.

The priest was a renowned practitioner of the ‘steaming man’ ritual and had a heart bypass procedure two years ago, reports Sin Chew Daily via The Star

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