Tampines residents treated to sweet surprise after mango tree branch falls

Submitted by Stomper Nora

Tampines residents were treated to free mangoes when the branch of a mango tree in front of Block 103 Tampines Street 11, fell off early yesterday morning (Jun 1). 

Stomper Nora who lives in Tampines alerted Stomp to the incident.

According to Nora, a branch of the tree had fallen off as it had become to heavy due to bearing excess fruits. 

She had heard a loud ‘thud’ at 4am yesterday (Jun 1), which she believes to be the sound of the branch hitting the floor.

Authorities arrived after 2pm to remove the fallen branch and distributed the fruits to Residents. 

Said Nora:

“I got a big bag of mangoes for free!

“Kudos to the authorities for being so efficient.”