Tampines resident worried about exposed wires and potholes on corridor

Submitted by Stomper Paul

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For more than six months, Stomper Paul has been lamenting over exposed wires and potholes on his corridor on the 11th storey of Block 419, Tampines Street 41. 

According to Paul, although there was just one pothole near lift C in the block at first, another pothole soon formed near a drainage area.

The potholes, coupled with wires that have become exposed due to a damaged plastic casing, make the corridors unsafe, said Paul. 

Paul continued:

"I’ve spoken to authorities on several occasions and each time they tell me that they will send someone down to rectify the situation but so far, nothing has been done. 

“The holes become bigger each day after residents accidentally step into them. 

“Elderly residents may fall if they’re not careful.

“Hope the problems get solved soon.”