Tampines resident captures photo of Wednesday's waterspout

Submitted by Stomper Muhammad Idlan

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Heavy rain and wind swept through Singapore yesterday (Jan 31).

Several trees across the island fell and winds even sent a dumpster and dinghies flying in the air at East Coast Park.

Stomper Muhammad Idlan saw a waterspout from his home at Block 726 Street 71 yesterday.

The waterspout may or may not be the same that was seen coming through the National Sailing Centre yesterday between 4 to 5pm.

Mr Rohaizan, an Assistant General manager at the centre who witnessed the incident told Stomp that a "spiralling" wind swept through the dinghies causing them to fly into the air.

He added that each dinghy is constructed of fibreglass and weighs about 60kg.

He estimates the damage caused by the storm to be in the hundreds.

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