Tampines beggar flees after 'lost EZ-Link card' scam gets exposed by passer-by

A man who approached passers-by in Tampines, claiming that he lost his EZ-Link card to solicit money was exposed by a victim and fled.  

Shin Min Daily News received several calls from readers complaining about a beggar who lurked around Tampines Mall. 

When reporters went down to the scene yesterday (Oct 12), they saw the beggar, a man in his 40s, asking for money from passers-by. 

However, within five minutes, another man showed up, claiming that the beggar was a fraud. 

The beggar quickly fled.

Said the man:

“He (the beggar) previously told me that his EZ-Link card was missing and asked for $10 from me.

“However, later I saw him doing the same thing to another passer-by, asking for $10 again!”

Storekeepers from nearby shops told reporters that the beggar frequently operates near the mall, asking for amounts between $2 and $10. 

Another victim, Miss Liu, 52, told Shin Min Daily News that she had seen the beggar using the same tactic to ask for money. 

She added:

“The first time I saw him, he asked for $2 to take a bus home, so I gave it to him.

“Later on, he tried using the same method on me again, so I just ignored him.”

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