Taiwanese man hacks father's head with cleaver after mother scolds him for playing video games

Upset after his mother scolded him for spending too much time on video games, a 20-year-old Taiwanese youth took a cleaver and viciously slashed his 56-year-old father’s head just as the parent returned home.

The incident happened on Wednesday (Mar 22) night at the family’s home in Yonghe District in New Tapei, Taiwan, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The accused was eligible to enter Kaohsiung Medical University last year (2016), but ultimately did not enrol.

The victim, a small time action who does mainly odd jobs, was rushed to a hospital for treatment and his conditions have since stabilised. 

The incident arose when the man’s mother allegedly scolded him for being ‘too indulgent on video games’:

“I give you such a good environment and yet you turn out like this!

“You don’t study and just play video games!”

Enraged by his mother’s comment, the man, upon seeing his father who just returned home, attacked him with a cleaver, swinging the weapon at his head and drawing blood.

His father exclaimed:

“I’m your father!

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The son retorted, citing:

“You never treated me well anyway!”

He then threw a wooden chair at his father.

The victim suffered multiple knife wounds on his head, body, left hand and right leg, and was sent to the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital to seek medical attention.  

The accused, after he was arrested by the police said that he had been angered by his mother’s remarks and decided to seek vengeance on his mother.

However his father had returned home first, and recalling unhappy memories with the victim, he sought revenge against his father too. 

Although the victim does not intent to pursue the matter legally, the police have expressed that they are going ahead with charges of attempted murder.

According to investigations, the accused is a gaming addict and his parents, worried that he would have to go to school by himself, did not give him consent to attend Kaohsiung Medical University. 

The accused and victim had quarrelled many times over the issue and although he ultimately did not enrol, he began to resent his parents for their strict methods.