Taiwanese man facing amputation breaks up with GF --- only for her to propose

A Taiwanese man broke up with his girlfriend after finding out that he may have to undergo amputation following a serious traffic accident --- only for her to propose to him instead. 

The man had previously proposed to her and the couple had intended to get married the following year in 2018, reports Shanghaiist

However, after the accident, the man found out that treatment would likely involve amputation for him.

He then suggested the breakup as he was afraid of being a burden to her. 

However, the woman had something different in mind. 

Carrying a bouquet of flowers and clad in a wedding dress, she burst into his hospital room in New Taipei City.

In front of a group of friends, she asked:

“If you will take me as your wife, then will you accept these flowers?”

The man, visibly touched, replied:

“I will do everything I can to get better, and keep hold of your hand for the rest of my life.”

He then proceeded to wrap his arms around her and kissed her. 

For cynics out there who don’t believe in true love, here’s your evidence.