Taiwanese heartthrob Mike He responds to rumours of his 'forced' marriage to GF

Taiwanese actor and heartthrob Mike He shocked fans worldwide with his announcement on Jun 3: Not only was he now married, but he was also father to a four-month-old baby born in Guam, America.

The shocking revelation came on Facebook, and the media became frenzied over the news, reports Jayne Stars

In the post, He wrote:

“Although it’s raining heavily today, it is a good day. 

“We have registered our marriage.

“Four months ago, our precious daughter was born in America (that’s why we named her Mei-pao), and to see my daughter growing up so healthily, well, I would ask for nothing more.”

The actor known for his widely acclaimed role in ‘the Devil Beside You’ said that he has entered a new stage in his life and chose not to disclose his significant half’s identity as she does not belong to the entertainment industry.

10 days after the Facebook posting, He made his first post-baby appearance at an event in Taiwan.

During the event, He confessed that despite starring in many romantic idol dramas, his own relationships have been comparatively dull.

He said that he wasn’t romantic at all and he did not get down on one knee to propose until the day of marriage registration. 

He also revealed that he and his wife had been in an on-and-off relationship for the past five years:

“After all this time, it’s always been her.

“She’s a great person, and we’re great together.”

To protect her and their baby from the media, He has chosen not to disclose her identity and even the birth process was held in Guam, America.

Mike announced that he and his wife will be holding a wedding celebration at a later date but did not disclose the details.

This comes in light of rumours saying that He’s wedding was a shotgun marriage, and that he had been forced into marrying his girlfriend after finding out that she was pregnant with his child.

He fervently denied the claims, saying:

“What an amazing script.

“It’s sheer nines and a claim with malice.

“I’ve been through much more exaggerated rumors, such as marrying a man overseas. 

“I shouldn’t be wasting my breath on this, but if I find out who started the rumour, I will definitely seek legal action.”