Savage! Taiwanese DJ beats up thief in club to retrieve cellphone

Taiwanese DJ Lin Chia-ling, who goes by DJ Maze recently shared on her Facebook page how she caught a thief red-handed stealing her phone at a Los Angeles club. 

The DJ was reportedly got into a shouting match with the perpetrator who then taunted her to conduct a body search, reports AsiaOne

The two got into a scuffle, and Lin quickly pulled the woman down and struck her on the head.

Although she suffered injuries on her hands and legs, Lin managed to retrieve her phone at the end of the fight. 

The fiasco also alerted many patrons at the scene who realised that their phones had mysteriously disappeared too. 

Lin suggested that the female thief may be part of a syndicate.

She also told Taiwan media that she had gotten suspicious when she noticed the woman taking photos near her first, and reaching for her handbag later on. 

Unfortunately, the thief's accomplice fled, so none of the other victims managed to get their phones back.

Well, never underestimate a pretty face, we'll say.