Tables filled with dirty plates at Boon Lay hawker centre: Stomper struggles to find space to eat

Submitted by Stomper Mickey

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Stomper Mickey planned to have breakfast with his friends at the hawker centre at Block 221B Boon Lay Place on Oct 31 at about 9am.

It was a peaceful day until he arrived at the hawker centre, where an unsightly view greeted him.

Mickey took two videos of the hawker centre which he sent to Stomp.

In the videos, diners are seen eating at tables with the previous diners' uncleared trays and plates still on them.

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He said: "There were many dirty plates, bowls and trays lying on the tables. I didn't see any cleaners around at that time."

There were no tables that were clean enough, so Mickey and his friends took matters into their own hands.

They cleared up their own table and sat down to eat.

Mickey said: "There were birds flying around and pecking at the food on the tables. It is a shame as I think this hawker centre was renovated not long ago."