System down? Cars returning from JB stuck in jam at 2nd Link for up to 6 hours on Tuesday night

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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It usually happens at the Causeway during a public holiday.

But it is not even the weekend, though it is the middle of the week-long March school vacation.

The massive traffic jam was at the 2nd Link on the Malaysian side on Tuesday night (March 14).

Cars returning to Singapore from Johor Bahru did not move for so long that people got out and stood around on the road.

Sharing a video of the jam, Stomper Lim said: "We were stuck there for around five hours. We finally cleared JB customs at 12.47am the next morning."

Others also posted videos and photos with one Facebook user saying it was "six hours of horrible congestion" before turning back to JB.

System down

Posted by Fydo Ekyn on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

6 Hrs of horrible congestion. ! We are u turning back !! Seriously very bad . Cannot imagine the situation nearing festive ! #immigration #ica #sg-jb #jbcustom #immigrationandcheckpoint

Posted by Divaforall Sg on Tuesday, March 14, 2023


Several netizens used the words: "System down."

The Stomper said: "I think yesterday's jam was different from the weekend. Many cars remained at the same spot for over two hours.

"Suddenly, the queue began to move after 11pm, but there were like six lanes of cars stuck from customs all the way to beyond the toll plaza."

If the jam was this bad on a weekday, how much worse will it be this weekend when the school vacation ends?