Sylvester Sim and Steven Lim square off in Fight of the Century... Eggs

Once fellow contestants in the 2004 Singapore Idol, Sylvester Sim and Steven Lim are set to face each other again -- this time, in the ring.

The duo will go head to head in a Muay Thai match on September 23, at Marina Bay Sands, as part of a 'celebrity fight-off' at the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC) organised by Muse Fitness Club Singapore and event company Axseed Events.

Stomp had the chance to catch up with both contestants at Muse Fitness Club as they were preparing for their upcoming fight.

For Sylvester, the fight has already begun.

His enemy? Junk food and ice cream.

As a self-professed fast food junkie, Sylvester acknowledges the difficulty in practising a clean diet.

I try to take less sugary stuff, maybe once a week I'll treat myself, he said. 

Steven, on the other hand, has taken a drastically different approach.

Steven said:

"I tend to eat more now, to gain the muscle mass."

He added that the added bulk made his blows 'harder', an invaluable edge over his opponent who is '6cm shorter'.

Well, that advantage would not amount to much if Steven cannot land his hits, insists Sylvester.

"I'm smaller-sized, so the only thing I can say I have an advantage over (him) is that probably I'm faster.

"I can maybe 'siam' him here and there." 

From there, the two piled on the trash talk, with Steven promising to knock Sylvester out, while the latter denounced his opponent as being 'abnormal'. 

Despite the criticism, the rivals hold respect, even admiration for each other. 

Steven's 'never-say-die' attitude towards fame intrigues Sylvester. 

"It's his passion. 

"He keeps people talking about him even until now."

For Steven, Sylvester's musical talent was admirable, 'almost pitch-perfect' even, in his words.

Nevertheless, both have promised only their best at the match.  

As to who will emerge the winner of this match, only time will tell. 

For now, watch them demonstrate their killer moves and duke it out in the 'Fight of the Century... Egg'. 

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