Sweet surprise for kind woman who returns wallet found at Rang De Holi event with Stomp's help

It was the happiest of endings today for Stomper Gowrie who not only made a new friend, but also received a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates after returning a wallet she found last Saturday (Mar 18) night at the Rang De Holi event in Kembangan.

When she flipped through the wallet, she had found several cards, including an NSF EZ-Link and an ATM card amongst others. 

According to Gowrie, it was her friend who first found the wallet and passed it to her. 

Due to the area being dimly lit and crowded, they could not find the owner despite looking around. 

Afraid that someone else would take the wallet, they decided that Gowrie would keep the wallet and drop it off at a police station the following day. 

The next day, Gowrie wrote in to Stomp and an article seeking the owner of the wallet was published.

Within a few hours, she was alerted by Stomp that someone had lost a wallet at the same venue that day, and was looking for it. 

Stomp then arranged a meeting between the two at the SPH building in Toa Payoh North yesterday (Mar 23). 

However, as the owner, Punithan, is currently serving National Service, he was unable to retrieve the wallet himself, and his mother came on his behalf. 

When asked why she had chosen to return the wallet instead of keeping it, Gowrie answered: "What would I do with the wallet? If I had wanted the money inside, I could have just taken the money and left the wallet behind.

"I thought the owner would be really worried that's why I wanted to return it fast."

Said Punithan's mother upon receiving her son's wallet: "Thank you so much! I was so worried that he might have lost his 11B too, thankfully that was not the case."

At the end of the meeting, she presented Gowrie with a box of chocolates and the two left together.