Woman who trashed Serangoon porridge stall: "It's not that we can't afford $28, but the staff's rudeness angered us"

Ang Sim Poh, 48, was charged on Wednesday (May 31) with committing a rash act to endanger the personal safety of others after he and two others thrashed the interior of Heng Long Teochew Porridge at 1012 Upper Serangoon Road. 

In an earlier Stomp article, it was reported that Ang, along with two others, 40-year-old Pang Pei Pei and 46-year-old Tan Sung Meng, had wreaked havoc in the eatery at around 3.30am on May 27 following a dispute over the cost of their food.

Ang is the third person to be charged thus far, following Pang and Tan, reports Sure Boh Singapore

Represented by lawyer Rajan Supramaniam, Ang is currently out on S$5,000 bail.

He is set to return to court on Jun 21, 2017 for trial.

If found guilty, Ang faces up to six months in prison, and/or a fine amounting up to S$2,500. 

Pang and Tan had contacted Shin Min Daily News to explain the reasons behind their outrage.

They said that they have been regular costumers at the establishment for five to six years and were not drunk on the night of the incident. 

Pang revealed that she went back to her table and chatted with her friends after ordering the food. 

She then allegedly handed an employee a S$50 note for payment, but did not check how much was the change amount. 

When the trio decided to order one more dish, she realised that they had been charged S$28 for the dishes earlier. 

Pang then approached the staff for an explanation, but were angered by their apparent ‘rudeness’, proceeding to wreck the place.

Despite her dissatisfaction with the employees’ attitude, she admitted that they had done wrong and that they will plead guilty to the charges. 

A fourth person, 53-year-old Mr Yeoh Keng Hock is being investigated.

Yeoh was arrested earlier in the week and has yet to be charged.